Sansan Data Discovery is an innovative collaboration platform, uncovering novel and important insights by exploring big data on business networks in Japan.
Sansan provides business card-based contact management solutions on both a B2B and B2C basis, and during the decade it’s been operating has accumulated a vast trove of data on Japanese individuals, companies, and their respective networks and networking methods. Rather than seeing this valuable data as something to profit from, we see it as an opportunity to give back to society, by opening our databases up to some of the top minds in global academia, be they social or computer scientists.


We hope that in opening up our data to top researchers, we can facilitate the discovery of original insights and innovations, which in turn can lead to new conversations, developments and policies stemming out from the respective fields of study, generating tangible and positive solutions for issues faced in modern societies, both developed and developing.

Research Themes

Currently, we are focused on the following theme:

“Tie strength in job change”

Japan has a unique culture where people exchange business cards in nearly every formal and informal setting. Capturing data from the business card exchange process allows us to reconstruct the structure and dynamics of job change in a large social network. Contrary to Granovetter's strength of weak tie hypothesis, we find there is a positive relationship between network constraint (which is a proxy for weak tie) and job change, which suggests that strong cohesive ties contribute more to employment mobility than do bridging weak ties.
Hirotake Ito (Keio University), Takanori Nishida (Sansan, Inc.), Lav R. Varshney (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Yoshiki Ishikawa (Habitech, Inc.)
Academic Presentation:
  • NetSci 2018, Paris, Poster Presentation, June 2018 (pdf & video link)
  • 4th Annual International Conference on Computational Social Science, Evanston (IL), USA, Poster Presentation, July 2018

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