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  • 2013/3/06
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Sansan's cloud-based business card management system for corporations wins international recognition for its "excellent quality and results" by winning the "International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality" in Europe.


We are delighted to announced that Sansan, Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Chikahiro Terada), the provider of cloud-based business card management services "Link Knowledge" and "Eight", has been awarded the "International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality" by the European Society for Quality Research, a European quality-management body, in recognition of the excellent services the company offers.

The International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality is an award that recognizes effort, achievements, and excellence in quality management, given out by the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR), a European quality management organization. The award honors the efforts of enterprises for continuously improving the quality management of their products and services. Sansan's reliability was highly valued due to the high quality of service offered by its Link Knowledge, a business card management system for the corporate market, which the company has been providing since its foundation to a wide client base that is now over 900 companies. The award ceremony was held in Brussels, Belgium during which Sansan's president Chikahiro Terada delivered an acceptance speech.

Sansan considers this award as a sign of the possibilities that cloud-based business card management offers to the global market, including Europe. Through continued efforts to further improve the quality of their services, they continue to strive for the realization of their corporate philosophy: "Creating a resource and generating value from everyday business encounters."

European Society for Quality Research Web site  http://www.esqr.org/en/

Sansan, Inc. Web site  http://www.sansan.com



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