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  • 2013/10/30
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Sansan Receives Investment from Salesforce.com

Sansan Receives Investment from Salesforce.com

Japan's business contact management leader will develop innovative features, grow Japanmarket and reach out to global markets via Salesforce AppExchange

TOKYO, Japan--October 30, 2013--Sansan, the leader in cloud-based business contactmanagement services for enterprises and individuals in Japan, today announced that it hasreceived an investment from salesforce.com, the global leader in CRM. Sansan willleverage the investment to develop innovative features for its application and grow thebusiness contact management services market in Japan. A Salesforce AppExchangepartner since 2008, the company will also expand via the AppExchange to extend its offeringto global markets.
"Sansan is driving innovation in Japan's business contact management market," said AkiraKurabayashi, senior director, Corporate Development, salesforce.com. "Our investments inpioneers and leaders like Sansan ultimately help us deliver on the next generation oftechnology for our customers in Japan."
"Sansan is focused on empowering sales people with valuable business information," saidKeiTomioka, Co-founder of Sansan. "Salesforce.com's investment will further strengthenthis focus, enabling us to grow in Japan as well as extend our brand to global markets."
Sansan's Business Contact Management Services
Sansan offers cloud-based business contact management services for both enterprises andindividuals on a single platform.
  • Sansan: Sansan's business contact management service for enterprises, Sansan,currently boasts 1,500 customers and is growing 70 percent annually. The cloud-basedservice includes a business card data entry service, notification and automatic updatesfor managing job changes, and contact and prospect management features. Availableon the Salesforce AppExchange, Sansan integrates tightly with the Salesforce SalesCloud, enabling scanned business card information to flow automatically in Salesforce.
  • Eight: Sansan's social network for professionals, Eight, enables people to build abusiness network that starts from digitizing and organizing their business cards. With300,000 users since launching in February of 2012, Eight is the largest and fastestgrowing social network for professionals in Japan.
About Sansan
Established in 2007, Sansan is the leader in cloud-based business contact management forenterprises and individuals in Japan. For more information, visit the company's website at http://en.sansan.com/
Contact to: Sansan, inc.  http://www.sansan.com
E-Mail address: pr@sansan.com
Address:102-0074 JPR Ichigaya Building 6th floor, Kudan Minami 4-7-15, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo
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