Sansan for NPOs

Sansan services are supporting NPO activities


Sansan for NPOs

With our NEXT project, which addresses issues facing greater society, we use our services to support the activities of nonprofit organizations (NPOs). We offer a special NPO version of Eight Team, our business card management solution for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Applicable organizations

If organizations meet the following conditions and have passed NPO Support Center screening, we examine their financial information and activity reports to confirm their ongoing engagement in activities that contribute to society.

Qualified organizations

  • Specified nonprofit organizations
  • Public interest organizations
    (public interest incorporated foundations or associations)
  • Social welfare organizations
  • General incorporated organizations

Terms of use

Organizations must agree to the following:

  • Organization name and logo can be used to show the organization is a client user of the plan
  • Take part in case studies and interviews as a client user of the plan

*Eight Team is designed for use in Japan. Please consider the namesake Sansan platform for overseas use.

Plans and usage

NEXT – Sustainability initiatives with
local communities, NPOs, and employees
What we can do now, for the future