Human Rights

Basic Concept

We consider respect for human rights to be an extremely important element in aiming to develop and expand its business not only in Japan but also globally. Based on this way of thinking, we form concepts of the experiences of all stakeholders involved in our corporate activities and, while deepening our understanding of human rights, contribute to the realization of a society where human rights are respected by promoting a variety of initiatives.

Major Initiatives

Establishing Basic Policy on Human Rights

We have established the Basic Policy as a guideline for promoting respect for human rights, and its content has been approved by the Board of Directors.

Employee Point of Contact

We have set up the Engawa Consultation Office to serve as a point of contact where employees can broadly discuss their concerns and doubts, regardless of whether they are business related.

Anti-Harassment Support

In addition to establishing a dedicated point of contact for harassment consultations, we also conduct annual harassment training sessions for all employees in an effort to improve their understanding of harassment and its prevention. To ensure that they are able to make appropriate choices in their speech and conduct as managers, we hold harassment training each time a new manager is appointed.

SNS Training

In light of the proliferation of social networking services and the degree of risk that their use poses to individuals and society, we provide SNS training to all employees and are working to improve literacy.


At the present time, there are no risks that we are aware of that will lead to an obstruction of workers’ rights, such as the right to form a labor union, participate in a labor union, or the right to collective bargaining. Nor are we aware of any risks in terms of child labor or forced labor.