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Chika Terada

CEO of Sansan

Chika began his career with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. After moving to the IT Marketing Division, he relocated to Silicon Valley to work with local venture companies to develop their Japan-focused businesses. After returning to Japan, Chika launched an internal venture and worked for an affiliated company, after which he founded Sansan Inc. in 2007.

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Kei Tomioka

Co-founder / Director of Sansan Manager of Sansan Division

Kei began his career with Oracle Corporation Japan, and was based in Shanghai and Bangkok to take charge of market development across Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan), Southeast Asia, and India. Since cofounding Sansan Inc. in 2007, Kei has served as General Manager for its B2B cloud-based contact management platform, and he also currently leads the company’s global development.

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Kenji Shiomi

Co-founder / Director of Sansan Manager of Eight Division

At Bussan System Integration Co. Ltd. (now Mitsui Knowledge Industry [MKI]), Kenji was responsible for designing and developing digital satellite broadcasting systems and mail systems for major mobile phone carriers. Kenji cofounded Sansan Inc. in 2007, and currently executes the business strategy for the B2C business card management tool Eight as General Manager.

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Satoru Joraku

Co-founder / Director / CISO of Sansan / Director of DSOC (Data Strategy and Operation Center), Sansan

Satoru cofounded Sansan Inc. in 2007 and he initially led the product development of the B2B cloud-based contact management platform Sansan. Currently, he serves as the Director of Sansan’s research hub DSOC, which conducts the analysis and application of the collected data, as well as the refining of the digitization technology, whilst also driving and implementing the internal security measures as CISO.

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Yo Tanaka

Director of Sansan Manager of Corporate Management Department / Executive Relationship Officer

At Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Yo worked on launching an internal venture in mobile technology and IT. He continued to work on developing Mitsui’s new ventures during his post in India. After returning to Japan, he was assigned to I Visit Co., Ltd. where as head of sales development he led customer acquisition and business development. Yo joined Sansan Inc. in 2018 as Director and oversees the Corporate Management Department.

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Muneyuki Hashimoto

Director / CFO of Sansan

Muneyuki worked for foreign securities companies in Tokyo and New York for nearly nine years, providing M&A and finance advisory services. Subsequently, he moved to a group company of the Development Bank of Japan to work in investment management. He joined Sansan Inc. in 2017, and was appointed CFO to lead the company’s financial strategy.

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Yuta Ohma

Director / CHRO of Sansan Manager of HR

Yuta began his career with a venture company in recruitment, where he gained experience in launching a consulting service. He subsequently became involved in starting a recruitment company. Yuta joined Sansan Inc. in 2010 as a Manager in sales, and later served as the head of HR. He was appointed Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) in 2018 to develop strategies in optimizing the value of its workforce.

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Shigemoto Fujikura

Director / CTO of Sansan

During his time at OGIS-RI Co., Ltd., Shigemoto relocated to Silicon Valley to work on a joint R&D project with a local venture company. He returned to Japan to build tools used in software development, whilst studying at Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT) to obtain a master’s degree in systems for intellectual creation. He joined Sansan Inc. in 2009., and currently serves as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to lead all of the technological strategies of the company.

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Hirofumi Ohtsu

Director / CPO of Sansan Manager of Product Development Department

Hirofumi worked at beBit, Inc. a company focused on providing customer centric strategy consulting in the digital arena. He founded WACUL Inc. in 2010 and headed the business as CEO to develop and provide web analytics using AI technology, which also identifies and suggests areas of improvement. Hirofumi joined Sansan Inc. in 2018 as Chief Product Officer (CPO), to lead the product strategies for the company.

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Koichi Shishikura

Director / VPoE of Sansan

After working for a systems integration company, Koichi moved to a contract-based web development company where he established a subsidiary company in Vietnam as CEO. Joining Sansan Inc. in 2009, he has headed the engineering team of the B2C business card management tool Eight from the start. After working on managing the product development and app design, he was appointed Vice President of Engineering (VPoE) in 2018 to consolidate the company’s engineering capabilities.

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Yasushi Tanabe

Director / CBO of Sansan Manager of Brand Communications Department / Creative Director

After gaining experience as a front-end web engineer, Yasushi chose to go into the advertising industry where he worked on a range of advertising projects using digital technologies. Since joining Sansan Inc. in 2014, he has launched the Brand Communications Department and leads the creative direction of the company. As Chief Brand Officer (CBO), Yasushi strives to uplift Sansan’s brand image.

Toru Akaura

Non-executive Director(Audit and Supervisory committee member)

Osuke Honda

Non-executive Director(Audit and Supervisory committee member)

Yasuko Yokosawa

Non-executive Director(Audit and Supervisory committee member)

Yoshiki Ishikawa

Non-executive Director(Audit and Supervisory committee member)