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Chika Terada

Representative Director & CEO

Chika began his career with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. After moving to the IT Marketing Division, he relocated to Silicon Valley to work with local venture companies to develop their Japan-focused businesses. After returning to Japan, Chika launched an internal venture and worked for an affiliated company, after which he founded Sansan, Inc. in 2007.

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Kei Tomioka

Director, Executive Officer, CRO

Kei began his career with Oracle Corporation Japan, and was based in Shanghai and Bangkok, taking charge of market development across Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan), Southeast Asia, and India. In 2007, Kei co-founded Sansan, Inc. and led business efforts for Sansan the service for sales DX. Now as CRO, he oversees company-wide operating revenue.​

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Kenji Shiomi

Director, Executive Officer, CISO, DPO, Engineering Division Head

Kenji co-founded Sansan, Inc. in 2007, after working with Bussan System Integration Co., Ltd. (now Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co., Ltd.), where he designed and developed mail systems for major mobile carriers. Since 2012, he has been in charge of the Eight B2C contact and career management app. Now as Engineering Division Head, he oversees the company-wide technology strategy and strengthens its engineering group.​

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Yuta Ohma

Director, Executive Officer, CHRO

Yuta began his career at a human resources company, where he helped launch a consulting service. He then went independent and served as a director for a venture firm in recruitment. Yuta joined Sansan, Inc. in 2010 as a Manager in sales and later became the head of HR. As Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), he leads strategies for optimizing the value and productivity of Sansan’s workforce.

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Muneyuki Hashimoto

Director, Executive Officer, CFO

Muneyuki worked for foreign securities companies in Tokyo and New York for nearly 9 years, providing M&A and financing advisory services. He then moved to a group company of the Development Bank of Japan to work in private equity. He joined Sansan, Inc. in 2017, and was appointed CFO in 2018 to lead the company’s financial strategy.

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Maki Suzuki

Outside Director, Audit & Supervisory Committee Member

Maki, an attorney at law, was admitted to the New York State Bar Association after working since 2003 at TMI Associates. She joined the Shintaro Sato Law Office in 2017 and has been a member of the Dai-Ni Tokyo Bar Association since 2021. She became an Outside Director of Sansan, Inc. in August 2022. Her expertise is in corporate legal affairs and compliance, and she provides recommendations from a legal and diversity perspective.

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Toru Akaura

Outside Director, Audit & Supervisory Committee Member

Toru is a General Partner at Incubate Fund. Following his involvement in investment development tasks at Japan Associated Finance Co., Ltd. (now JAFCO Group Co., Ltd.), he founded his own venture capital company. Having become an Outside Director of Sansan, Inc. in August 2007, he makes general management recommendations.

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Toko Shiotsuki

Outside Director, Audit & Supervisory Committee Member

Toko is a Director at CyberAgent, Inc., a Junior Accountant, and a Juris Doctor. After working with Japan Airlines Co. Ltd., she joined CyberAgent as a Standing Auditor, and in 2017 became a Director. Toko became an Outside Director of Sansan, Inc. in August 2021. She gives guidance on auditing and diversity, applying accounting and legal knowledge along with corporate experience.

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Taro Saito

Outside Director, Audit & Supervisory Committee Member

After working with DENTSU Inc., Taro founded dof inc. in 2009 and became its CEO. He is also working as a Communication Designer. Taro became an Outside Director of Sansan, Inc. in August 2022. He provides recommendations on general management issues based on his extensive experience as a communication designer and the insights he has acquired as a board member of several companies.

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Shigemoto Fujikura

Executive Officer, Head of Overseas Establishment Team (Engineering Division)

​While working with OGIS-RI Co., Ltd., Shigemoto relocated to Silicon Valley to work on a joint R&D project with a local venture company. He returned to Japan to build tools used in software development, while studying to obtain a master’s degree in systems for intellectual creation at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology. He joined Sansan, Inc. in 2009, and now in charge of the Overseas Establishment Team he is responsible for strengthening the development system.​

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Masahiro Nishiba

Executive Officer, VPoE

Masahiro joined Sansan in 2021 after working on mathematical model development at a major bank, and then with a medical IT company as an engineer, business manager, and recruiter. Masahiro has been a manager in the R&D Department of Sansan’s Engineering Division. Now, as Vice President of Engineering (VPoE), he develops and strengthens the company’s engineering structure.

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Yuko Kodama

Executive Officer, Head of Community Strategy (Business Division)

Yuko joined Sansan in 2013, after working as a partner sales representative in the HR industry and in the president’s office of an insurance agency. She first worked in sales of Sansan’s main business and then was involved in alliance work in the business development department. Now, after sales management roles, she is leading community strategy for business.

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Yuki Hayashi

Executive Officer, CBDO

Yuki joined Sansan in 2011 after working in the real estate and financial systems industries. He has worked on business development for Sansan and Eight. From 2019, he has been overseeing new business development and has released several new services. Currently, as CBDO, he leads company-wide business development.

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Yasushi Tanabe

Executive Officer, CBO, CMO

After gaining experience as a front-end web engineer, Yasushi chose to go into the advertising industry, where he worked on a range of advertising projects using digital technologies. Since joining Sansan in 2014, he launched the Brand Communications Department and leads the creative direction of the company. As Chief Brand Officer (CBO), Yasushi strives to uplift Sansan’s brand image, overseeing branding and marketing for the entire company.

  • CBDO: Chief Business Development Officer​​
  • CBO: Chief Brand Officer​​
  • CFO: Chief Financial Officer​
  • CHRO: Chief Human Resources Officer​​
  • CISO: Chief Information Security Officer​​​
  • CMO: Chief Marketing Officer​​
  • CRO: Chief Revenue Officer​​
  • DPO: Data Protection Officer​
  • VPoE: VP of Engineering​