Investor Relations

Notification Regarding Confirmation of Amount of Non-operating Income

As Sansan, Inc. (“the Company”) announced that the Company was to sell investment securities in “Notification Regarding Partial Amendments in Capital and Business Alliance with WingArc1st Inc. and Booking of Non-operating Income” on August 2, the amount of non-operating income has been determined and is as follows.

1. Gain on sale of investment securities

291 million yen

2. Outlook

It is planned that the abovementioned gain on sale of investment securities will be recorded as non-operating income in the first quarter financial results for the fiscal year ending May 2023. For multi-step profit or loss under consolidated operating profit or loss in the fiscal year ending May 2023, the Company refrains from disclosing a concrete forecast because it is difficult to make a reasonable estimate of share-based payment expenses, which may vary significantly depending on the level of the Company’s stock price, and some non-operating profit or loss items.