Sansan is a cloud based contact management system for company under the concept of “Business card management for your company, better teamwork and more sales, start with a simple scan.”. Digitize your business cards with 99.9% accuracy and share the contact information with your colleagues. Save time and increase your business opportunities.

Just by scanning, you can get the most out of your business cards both by mobile and PC. Whether you are a B2B business trying to connect up the chain with a target client, an HR firm sharing info about potential recruits across your team, or a venture looking to turn your stack of received business cards into potential investors, Sansan can help you realize the potential in sharing your business cards with your colleagues. Over 3,000 companies in all types of industries are already using Sansan's premium service.



Eight is a business card management service for individuals built on the idea that business cards can be changed into business connections. After you use this application to take a picture of the business cards you receive, our input staff will carefully change these images into a database. This data then can be accessed from your smartphone or computer. In addition to this, users who have connected on Eight will get automatic updates of each other’s business card data, and thus your connection list will always be up to date. And what is more, Eight can be synchronized with your Facebook account or your Gmail account, and you can make connections through these as well. Since Eight’s release in 2012, the number of users has increased to more than 500,000. It has received awards from various media, and is recognized as the definitive business card management application. Starting with business cards, which themselves are the proof of a business encounter, Eight is creating a new type of business network.

Japanese version only

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