The “Katachi” of

A company is like a person, but it does not necessarily have a form, a “Katachi”, that you can see and touch. Companies do, however, have personalities, goals and values like people do. Since our inception, we have given our company its “Katachi” through the principles we instill in it. As our company continues to grow, we add to and renew our principles, and the “Katachi” evolves.


Turning encounters into innovation

Our world is built on encounters; they are the very basis of society. People encounter people. Companies encounter companies.

We believe these connections bring innovation, which in turn leads to new ways of working and doing business.

By developing innovative products, we change how people and companies value their encounters, and even change how those encounters take place.


Become business infrastructure

Transport networks, electrical grids, the internet. These are some of the roads of society.

We believe another road is possible. A new form of infrastructure for the business world.

This road connects people with people, companies with companies, and turns everyday business into innovation.

We aim to be that new road, that business infrastructure.


Face your mission and love your work

We are all part of the ongoing creation of a new normal. This won’t happen overnight. Rather, it will be the product of small, incremental efforts. One upon another. With each, we must sincerely focus on the task at hand. We must exert our own strong and unique energies, injecting them while building upon them as we progress with our work.

Lead the customer

Innovation is what overturns the way we’ve been doing things. If we only focus on what we think is common sense, innovation can never take place. We are leading our customers to places they have never experienced. Our mission is to open up new roads to previously unimagined destinations. Our products and services of inimitable value will achieve this, as we aim toward our ideal future.

Anticipate the experience

We need to maximize use of our imagination to encourage others to take action. Think: Is there anything amiss? Is this realistic? People can only arrive at the right place if they’re offered a road they can take with no hesitation. To be able to provide this, we must be immersed in the essence of what we create, apply imagination, and optimize the experience.

Make decisions with determination and intent

It’s up to us, and no one else, to pave the way. Each of us must decide what we should do, and not blindly follow what someone else has decided. Where are we going? What are we aiming to become? What should we do to achieve this? Our individual wills and intentions continually drive our company. We must always ask ourselves if we are applying our will and intention to do what we need to do.

Find a faster way

When you do something, strive to be the fastest. This doesn’t mean rushing off full speed or acting before thinking. It means always considering how to accomplish things in the fastest way and then moving forward. How do we get where we want to be as quickly as we possibly can? Maybe it even calls for taking a calculated pause every now and then. We’re not forcing ourselves to mindlessly take action for action’s own sake; rather, we are aiming to find the fastest possible way to make things better.

Leverage all strengths

Many tasks we face cannot be accomplished alone. By bringing together and combining our individual strengths, we can create new solutions and pave new roads. We can turn even the steepest cliff into manageable terrain by using our own strengths and the strengths of our colleagues, by capitalizing on our respective abilities.

Appreciate and be inspired

None of the roads we’ve opened were created by one individual. Members from different departments and roles have worked with one another to bring these roads into existence. The outcomes, however, are not yet infrastructure. Our cooperation is essential for making our ideal future a reality. Like in a three-legged race, we must work together as single, effective unit. We must be grateful to our colleagues for working with us to produce the best results. We aim at the same mission and vision, and rejoice together when we succeed.

Don’t fear change, and challenge yourself

To change even beyond what we can imagine comes with risk. If you’re not accepting of the risk, you won’t be able to achieve results. Change and challenge alone are not goals, but what you get out of them is what’s important. Even choosing to not change something after carefully deliberating is a potential outcome. We continue to recognize that we may encounter fear, yet will still take on the challenge. Always remember that we are challengers who are blazing our own trails.


Balancing security and convenience

Security is a basic requirement for us. Without security, our company cannot continue. On the other hand, as we are providing cloud services meant to create convenience, this convenience often conflicts with the idea of security. If you take the concept of security to the extreme, you will end up needing to go through multiple doors to get into the office and enter many passwords to login to the system. However, the important thing is to not slavishly follow the concept of security, nor to sacrifice security for the sake of convenience, but to carefully balance the two of them.