The “Katachi” of Sansan

A company is like a person, but it does not necessarily have a form, a “Katachi”, that you can see and touch. Companies do, however, have personalities, goals and values like people do. Since our inception, we have given our company its “Katachi” through the principles we instill in it. As our company continues to grow, we add to and renew our principles, and the “Katachi” evolves.

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Turning encounters into innovation

Our world is built on encounters; they are the very basis of society. People encounter people. Companies encounter companies. We believe these connections bring innovation, which in turn leads to new ways of working and doing business. By developing innovative products, we change how people and companies value their encounters, and even change how those encounters take place.


Become business infrastructure


Face your mission and love your work

Work is never easy. Sometimes it’s hard. But if you turn away from challenges and cut corners, you won’t get a real sense of accomplishment or self-growth. The joy of work is not in taking it easy, but in making small efforts, one by one, and facing the work in front of you with all your heart.

Make the most of your strengths

We define strengths as “things that we can do instinctively, without pressure or difficulty”. It’s not a skill you learn and acquire, it’s something you have by nature. Rather than focusing on overcoming weaknesses, we should each leverage our own strengths and those of our colleagues in order to face the work in front of us and achieve results quickly.

Envisage outcomes

Discussions often go beyond the basics, and become conceptual. What will realistically happen if we follow this path? How will this be from the end-users’ perspective? If these are not clear in your mind, you won’t grasp the heart of the matter. In order to make better choices, you need to ask yourself such things and organize your thoughts concretely.

Make decisions with determination and intent

We all play our part in making the company what it is. Instead of blindly following what someone else has decided to do, each person must decide what to do. Where are we going, what do we want to be, and how do we get there? The intentions of each and every one of us continue to drive our company. Determination and intent are the driving forces behind innovation.

Fast is better than slow

It’s better do things quickly rather than slowly. That doesn’t mean running without thinking, or acting reflexively, and doesn’t need to be at the expense of anything. You may not have all the answers immediately, and may decide not to act, but once you’ve made your mind up, move quickly. Always be aware that time is limited.

Value those around you

We have staff in various departments and roles. But the mission we are trying to achieve is the same for everyone. Everyone’s cooperation is essential to realize this grand mission. My work is connected to the work of my colleagues and continues to the mission I am aiming for. That is why we value the spirit of 7 people and 8 legs who can praise the achievements of other departments and express gratitude to our colleagues.

Lead the customer

Innovation is like overturning conventional wisdom. A new world that no one has ever experienced is the future we will lead. It does not have its own beliefs and can never be reached if it focuses only on common sense in the world. It is our ideal to open up a pathless path and continue to provide truly valuable things for the future we are aiming for.

Don’t avoid change, and challenge yourself

Change comes with risks. If you don’t recognize the risks correctly, you won’t get results. It is not the purpose to change or challenge, but what to gain in the future. After discussion, it may be one conclusion that it does not change. Recognizing the fears that lie ahead, we will continue to take on challenges. Remember that we are the challengers towards this mission.


Balancing security and convenience

Security is the basic premise of our business. Without security, our company cannot continue. On the other hand, as we are providing cloud services meant to create convenience, this convenience often conflicts with the idea of security. If you take the concept of security to the extreme, you will end up needing to go through multiple doors to get into the office and enter many passwords to login to the system. However, the important thing is to not slavishly follow the concept of security, nor to sacrifice security for the sake of convenience, but to carefully balance the two of them.