The “Katachi” of Sansan

A company is like a person, but it does not necessarily have a form, a “Katachi”, that you can see and touch.Companies do, however, have personalities, goals and values likepeople do. Since our inception, we have given our company its “Katachi” through the principles we instill in it. As our company continues to grow, we add to and renew our principles, and the “Katachi” evolves.


Turning encounters into innovation.


Love your work and work with passion

That is where you start, regardless of whether you started your career yesterday or ten years ago, whether you are a front-line employee or a president. If you can do this, the task in front of you will be yours, not theirs, and you will keep at it under any circumstances. You will get through the rough times and you will taste the fruit of your harvest. People who continue to succeed are people who love their work and work with passion.

Build on your strengths

Should we build on our strengths or overcome our weaknesses? Large companies tend to focus on creating more rounded employees by having them overcome their weaknesses. On the other hand, ventures need to move forward faster, so there is no time to spend on weaknesses. Moreover, to achieve better performance, it is much more useful to focus on your strengths rather than on your weaknesses. Here at Sansan, we have a unique program for building on your individual strengths, and we manage people by looking at these.

Think, move, create

There are managers who think, but do not move. And there are sales people who move, but do not think. And there are also planners who both think and move, but do not create something. We find these people everywhere, but none of them will succeed in what they are doing. This triangle, think-move-create, is what you need for success. We may just start with something small, but by thinking, moving and creating, each of us will grow as individuals, and this will lead to the success of the whole.

Do what needs to be done

Be polite, get to work on time, stick to your deadline. In addition to moving towards your greater goal, these little things also need to be done. A person who cannot be trusted with these smaller things cannot be trusted with larger things either. That being said, after a while, if you still need to focus on these small things, you will never grow as a professional. The important thing is for you to keep raising the level of what needs to be done, for this will lead to the growth of yourself and the organization.

Decide with both your mind and your heart

A job is a series of decisions. And decisions are not just the job of managers. "How do you want to do this?" is a question you will often hear in this company. Another thing you will hear is "Did you think it through?" To make a decision, you need to have a desire from your heart and a plan from your mind. When each person makes decisions with both their minds and their hearts, the organization will be successful. People grow with each decision they make.

Be thankful for what you have

In our work, there is very little that you can accomplish just by yourself. Whether directly or indirectly, you are always working with someone else. Even though everyone in our company is an expert at what they do, we can't be that kind of cold organization where individuals only do individual jobs. Be grateful to your clients, be grateful to your colleagues, be grateful to your family, be happy with what you achieve, and share that joy with those around you; this is the kind of organization we want to create.

Don't leave anything undone

When we started this company, we wondered why no one before had done this. Then we realized that it was simply that no one before had carried it through to success. In our age, there are very few ideas that have not been thought of once before. People told us things like, "I thought of that once" and "I have seen things like that". However, every other one before us left something undone. All of us, everyday we work, know that we need to not leave anything undone.


Balancing security and convenience

Security is the basic premise of our business. Without security, our company cannot continue. On the other hand, as we are providing cloud services meant to create convenience, this convenience often conflicts with the idea of security. If you take the concept of security to the extreme, you will end up needing to go through multiple doors to get into the office and enter many passwords to login to the system. However, the important thing is tonot slavishly follow the concept of security, nor to sacrifice security for the sake of convenience, but to carefully balance the two of them.