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  • Sansan Expands Scan for Trees, Returning Digitized Documents to the Forest with Tree-plantingSustainability project now includes invoices via Bill One and contracts via Contract One, along with business cards via Sansan

Sansan Expands Scan for Trees, Returning Digitized Documents to the Forest with Tree-planting
Sustainability project now includes invoices via Bill One and contracts via Contract One, along with business cards via Sansan

TOKYO – From June 2022, Sansan, Inc., a provider of business database and related services that change the way people work, has expanded the services covered by its Scan for Trees tree planting project, which returns digitized documents to the forest in the form of trees.

Scan for Trees, promoting sustainability, plants trees in areas of need based on the number of business cards digitized through its namesake Sansan solution that encourages digital transformation. Since Scan for Trees launched in 2016, 10,926 trees (as of May 2022) have been planted.

Now, along with business cards processed via Sansan, invoices via the online invoice receiving solution Bill One and contracts via Contract One for cloud-based contract management are also covered under Scan for Trees’ efforts.

Sansan will continue to tackle social contribution activities, creating shared value through its business.

NEXT Sustainability Activities by Sansan
Sansan is committed to sustainability-related activities that help resolve social issues through its core business. Based on the concept of “what we can do not only for the present but for someday in the future,” these efforts are collectively called NEXT.

Current NEXT activities including Scan for Trees, as well as Sansan for NPOs, which supports the activities of nonprofit organizations and the Kodomo Meishi Project (Kids’ Business Cards Project), which supports education for children via business card exchange.

For details about NEXT activities, see:

What is Scan for Trees?

Paper-based business cards, invoices, and contracts are made from trees. Through the Scan for Trees tree-planting initiative, use of Sansan services revitalizes the forests, water, and overall natural environment.

With Scan for Trees, every time the total number of digitized documents equals the paper produced from one tree, a tree is planted in an area of need.

The tree-planting is carried out through Present Tree, which is operated by the NPO Environmental Relations. Since the Scan for Trees project launched in June 2016, trees have been planted in Miyako, Iwate Prefecture, and Osaki, Miyagi Prefecture, which were severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Trees were also planted in the town of Yamato in the Kamimashiki district of Kumamoto Prefecture, which was hit by the Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016. As of May 2022, a total of 10,926 trees had been planted.

For details about Scan for Trees, see:

What is Present Tree?
Present Tree is a project operated by the NPO Environmental Relations, which links reforestation with regional development through tree-planting. By increasing the number of people interacting with regions in which it has established ties through tree saplings, the work not only invigorates forests but also communities.

For details about Present Tree see (in Japanese):

About Sansan, Inc.
With its mission of “Turning encounters into innovation,” Sansan provides its namesake Sansan B2B service powering digital transformation in companies, the Eight career management app for individual professionals, Bill One for cloud-based invoice handling and management, and Contract One for cloud-based contract management.

Established: June 11, 2007
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