now title - Creating Shared Value (CSV)

NOW is Sansan’s own CSV initiative.

Sansan is engaged in various CSV endeavours through its core business activities. We call this initiative “NOW”, based on the concept of doing what you can right away, rather than waiting until you are in a position to be able to do it more comfortably.

What is CSV?
CSV (Creating Shared Value) is a concept whereby businesses aim to grow economies, marketplaces, communities, and themselves in the long-term interest of everyone in society.


  • now 01 1 - Creating Shared Value (CSV)
  • Not someday, now!
  • Not someday, when the company is big enough; what can you do now? Sansan, while doing its regular work, is running this project addressing issues of society as a whole.
  • now 01 2 - Creating Shared Value (CSV)
  • Support based on our size
  • When providing support, the most important thing is to continue. While doing our regular work, we want to provide support for society relative to our company’s growth.
  • now 01 3 1 - Creating Shared Value (CSV)
  • Embodying our corporate mission
  • We participate in activities that can share and embody our corporate mission.

What Sansan is doing NOW