"Creating a new value that can change the world"

Think of first business meetings of the future.

What if they don't hand each other business cards?
What if the meaning of these encounters has changed?

At that time, the innovation Sansan does now will still continue.

We provide two services, "Sansan" and "Eight".
We endeavor to both solve the everyday problems of business card management and
to also change business encounters into a resource, changing the way people work.

Business cards are used all over the world. They are proof of a business encounter.
But they cannot evolve into something better when left as paper.

Sansan takes these one-time encounters buried in paper and changes them into a database,
and by making them into a network, transforms them into something with real value.

An encounter with someone may bring you an idea, and it may be a resource to guide you to a new encounter.
Each encounter in the past can be connected to an encounter in the future.

Who have you met, and what kind of people do you know?

You can get to know people deeper, even people you met just once.

Share your connections in your organization, and share your connections with the future.
Know what is happening, in real time, to the people you have met even just once.

The power of technology takes inefficiency out of business, and everything comes closer to its real value.

The work that people originally needed to do, the jobs that only one person can do.
You will be able to focus on only the tasks that have value.

And work will become simpler.

The wastes that we normally accept now will become unbelievable in the future.

No one thinks that telephones or copy machines are particularly convenient.
You don't really feel grateful for computers, the internet, or email.
From the future where these are taken for granted, you would never want to return to the past before we had them.

Innovation is also about changing culture and concepts,
and in the future you might even forget about the changes that have happened.

Sansan's services are infrastructure for business
that will change the everyday work life of people all over the world.

Creating this "taken for granted"; that is our vision.

Chika Terada, CEO, Sansan, Inc.