Sansan for NPOs

Sansan contact management solutions are
supporting nonprofits (NPOs)


As part of the NEXT project, through which we address needs in society, we support the activities of nonprofit organizations (NPOs) with our services. We specially customize the Sansan contact management platform so NPOs can enjoy long-term usage of this industry-leading solution, which has users ranging from small businesses to large corporations and government offices.

sansan product - Sansan for NPOs | CSV

Applicable organizations

“The plan applies to organizations that fall under the following four types and have passed screening by NPOs Support Center*.

*These organizations disclose financial information and activity reports and are engaged in social contribution activities on an ongoing basis.

  • Specified nonprofit organizations
  • Public interest corporations
  • Social welfare corporations
  • General incorporated associations (nonprofit)

Plans and usage

NEXT – Sansan’s CSV (Creating Shared Value) Activities What we can do now, for the future