• now3 title - Scan for Trees

Now up to 5427 trees.
(From June 2016 until now, September 2019)

What Scan for Trees is

Business cards are made of paper, and paper comes from trees. With “Scan for Trees”,
based on the number of business cards that we change into data, we are planting trees where they are needed.
This effort is based on business cards, the starting point of our service.

  • now 03 1 - Scan for Trees
  • Based on business cards, the starting point of our service
  • The number of trees that come from the business cards our Sansan users scan in will be returned as a forest. As of July, 2016, on average five million business cards are scanned into Sansan every month. With this project, for every 39,000 business cards, we plant one tree(*).
    (*) According to research done by NPO Environmental Relations, this is the number of business cards that can be made from one tree.
  • now 03 2 - Scan for Trees
  • Making a business tree forest in areas with nothing but grass
  • “Scan for Trees” is based on NOW, our project for addressing issues of society as a whole. We want to do activities based on our company’s size, thinking that the most important thing for providing support is to continue. Right now, we are planting trees in Miyako, Iwate prefecture, an area in the mountains from which rivers start. It is also one of the coldest areas in the prefecture. This number of trees, based on the business cards scanned into Sansan, will in 10 or 20 years become a forest made from business cards.
    * Planting location: Miyako, Iwate prefecture