Contribute to building a more prosperous
and sustainable society through business activities

In building a more prosperous and sustainable society, our group believes that helping to resolve social issues through its core business is the most important factor. Under our mission of “Turning encounters into innovation,” we actually provide solutions that reshape how people work and boost productivity by promoting the digital transformation (DX) of business operations in sales, accounting, legal affairs, and other areas.

We work to build beneficial relationships with society. In our unique sustainability initiative called NEXT, local communities, nonprofit organizations, and our employees work together. For example, in our Scan for Trees project, we plant trees in direct proportion to the number of documents digitized through our services. Users perceive this as a natural part of the user experience. Our growth strategy also includes stepping up recruitment and training of personnel. Looking at Japan as a whole, however, I feel existing initiatives alone will still result in a shortage of human resources. Against this backdrop, we are proceeding with our support for developing the Kamiyama Marugoto College of Design, Technology, and Entrepreneurship in the town of Kamiyama in Japan’s Tokushima Prefecture. The type of people that this technical college aims to cultivate—those who create things and possess the ability to make things happen, and who have studied the trinity of technology, design, and entrepreneurship—are exactly who our group needs right now. They are indispensable human resources from the perspective of greater society’s development. Our entire group is strongly aware of the relationship between these types of business activities and how they extend to society, and we will continue to build on these, one after another.

We must also widely communicate the significance of our existence in the context of sustainability to all our stakeholders. Following this way of thinking, from May to August 2022, we held multiple discussions in Board of Directors meetings, formulated a sustainability policy, and identified material issues that we should prioritize as a company to instill and continue to practice sustainability initiatives in a reproducible form. As important areas, based on provision of innovative digital transformation services that resharp how people work, and ensuring these services’ security and convenience, we will continually address respect for human resource diversity and conservation of the natural environment through our business. In terms of governance, I will promote establishment of a robust management foundation capable of supporting rapid business growth. I regard the desired form of governance as being in a constant state of flux, depending on a variety of factors, including global capital markets, social conditions, and our business phase. To prevent risks from materializing, I intend to work from the perspective of both responsibility and risk management to meet society’s demands.

We have adopted “Become business infrastructure” as our vision, but by promoting our business activities, we aim for each of our services to be widely accepted throughout society and to become a type of infrastructure. Realizing this vision while addressing social issues is the great value we can provide to society. We will continue to speed our efforts toward business growth and realization of a sustainable society.

Chika Terada
Representative Director & CEO