Basic Concept

We strive to maintain and improve our tax compliance and pay taxes fairly, based on our strong sense of ethics and responsibility that we should contribute to the development of countries and local communities. Specifically, we comply with laws and regulations applicable to all countries and regions where we conduct business activities.

  • We aim to reduce our taxation risks through taxation planning, fulfilling our responsibility as a taxpayer through appropriately declaring and paying taxes.
  • We do not engage in tax planning intended to avoid tax, such as using non-substantial entities in tax havens or arbitrarily avoiding tax in a manner that is abusive and inconsistent with our business objectives.
  • Transaction prices applying to foreign transactions are calculated under each country or region's relevant laws and regulations and the arm's length principle.
  • We will respond sincerely to requests for information disclosure from taxation authorities and maintain good relationships with them.
  • We will endeavor to clarify how transactions for which tax interpretations are unclear should be processed by thoroughly reviewing them with our tax advisors.