Material Issues

In June 2022, our Board of Directors identified key material issues (priority issues) relating to the environment, society, and governance. We will strive to resolve these issues through our core business, thereby contributing to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and, consequently, to building a sustainable society.

Process for Identifying
Material Issues

  • Process for Identifying Material Issues – 1

    Select candidates

    We selected highly relevant material issues (priority issues) by referring to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board guidelines and the Sustainable Development Goals, and through dialog and discussion between our board members and institutional investors.

  • Process for Identifying Material Issues – 2

    Assess importance

    Our directors assessed each materiality selected through process 1 along the two axes of (1) importance to society (stakeholders) for achieving sustainability, and (2) importance to our company for achieving our vision and business growth.

  • Process for Identifying Material Issues – 3

    Board of Directors discussions and decisions

    The Board of Directors discussed the results of the evaluation in process 2 and identified 10 material issues, to be organized into five areas.

Material Issues

  • Area 1

    Balance Security and Convenience

    Besides convenience, we also implement measures to ensure that our employees maintain data privacy and information security, thereby providing society with a highly safe and stable service.

    Material issues

    1. 1. Provide safe and stable infrastructure services
    2. 2. Ensure robust protection of data privacy and information security
  • Area 2

    Transform Work through Innovative DX Services

    To become business infrastructure, we will leverage our strengths in digitization to develop and provide innovative DX services that substantively improve social and economic productivity.

    Material issues

    1. 3. Promote DX services that improve productivity
    2. 4. Create innovative business infrastructure
  • Area 3

    Respect Employee Diversity and Producing Innovation

    To produce innovation that helps solve business challenges through the power of encounters, we promote creation and provision of opportunities and environments for our diverse workforce to succeed.

    Material issues

    1. 5. Promote recruitment, development, and success of human resources
    2. 6. Promote diversity and inclusion
  • Area 4

    Establish a Firm Management Structure to Support Rapid Business Growth

    To support our growth under a multiproduct structure, we will reinforce our management structure by strengthening corporate governance and ensuring compliance.

    Material issues

    1. 7. Strengthen corporate governance
    2. 8. Ensure compliance
  • Area 5

    Conserve the Environment through Business

    We will promote environmental conservation by addressing climate change issues through our business activities, including advancing DX, supporting paperless work, and introducing environmentally friendly services.

    Material issues

    1. 9. Address climate change issues
    2. 10. Use natural capital efficiently

Materiality Map