Stakeholder Engagement

Basic Concept

To achieve sustainable business growth and enhance our corporate value, it is important to engage with our various stakeholders. We do this to fully understand their expectations, concerns, and needs, and to reflect these in our management and business activities. Based on this belief, we actively promote various initiatives to build trust and collaboration with our stakeholders.

Stakeholders Outline of Initiatives Examples of Major Initiatives
Customers We strive to provide our customers with stable, safe, and reliable services, and to continuously provide new value that helps resolve their issues.
  • Provide regular support through the Customer Success Department
  • Establish a contact point for service inquiries
  • Disseminate information through websites, social media, etc.
  • Hold various events and seminars
Shareholders and Investors To meet our shareholders’ expectations, we are committed to accurate and fair disclosure of information and proactively creating opportunities for interactive dialogs.
  • Share information through Shareholders’ meetings, financial results announcements, timely disclosure, etc.
  • Hold various briefings for institutional and individual investors
  • Issue annual reports
  • Establish a contact point for IR inquiries
Business Partners We work to provide safe and secure services by establishing appropriate collaborative relationships and information management systems with our vendors and partners under fair and equitable terms.
  • Communicate regularly through purchasing activities
  • Ensure thorough compliance and risk checks
  • Establish business rules for purchases, etc.
  • Manage contractor safety
Employees To realize our mission and vision, we strive to create opportunities and environments in which our diverse workforce can thrive.
  • Provide all employees with opportunities to discuss and revise our corporate philosophy
  • Conduct engagement surveys
  • Establish various internal systems and consultation services
  • Conduct training and seminars
Local Communities and NPOs Based on the concept of what we can do now for the future, as a member of local communities, we work to solve social issues and create common value through our core business.
  • Sansan for NPOs
  • Kodomo Meishi Project
  • Supporting Kamiyama Marugoto College of Design, Technology, and Entrepreneurship
  • Yoiko for CSR