Diversity and

Basic Concept

For sustainable growth and new value we must provide environments that welcome diversity and allow all staff, whatever their background, to work with great motivation. Based on this way of thinking, we have identified “promote diversity and inclusion” as key material issues. Through the design of various in-house systems and training as well as other means, we ensure that employees are treated fairly as individual professionals without judging them based on specific attributes, including background, gender or nationality.

Major Initiatives

Supporting Women’s Careers

We have a policy of actively recruiting and promoting talent without focusing on particular attributes, such as background or gender. We also provide fair evaluations and promotion opportunities for all employees. Our ratio of female employees is resultantly increasing, with women in management positions reaching 16.5% as of May 31, 2022. Monitoring during each business period ensures our evaluation process is fair and is unbiased toward certain attributes.

We have also designed internal systems to provide more opportunities to play active roles. One example is OYACO, a system that supports employees – who are unequally burdened by pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare – to better balance childcare and work. OYACO provides subsidies for the extra fees associated with non-accredited nursery schools until age 3. We also provide support for the use of babysitters and housecleaning services. And to support career development while balancing childcare and nursing care, we allow employees to choose work styles that suit their circumstances. By establishing and applying various employment classifications, we strive to realize flexible ways of working that respect employees’ will and motivation.

(1) Calculated for regular employees and contract employees of the Company and its subsidiary, Sansan Global Pte. Ltd.

Promoting Employment of Foreign Nationals and People with Disabilities

Given our focus on aggressive global business development, we are increasing our hiring of foreign nationals. Our ratio of foreign employees as of May 31, 2022, was 2.6%. We strive to produce a corporate culture of realizing our mission while embracing diversity, by encouraging communication that leads to new insights, such as by creating opportunities for interaction between foreign employees at overseas locations and Japanese employees in Japan. Our ratio of employees with disabilities as of March 31, 2022, was 2.4%. We are working to create and expand opportunities for people with disabilities to work and thrive with us.

(2) Calculated for regular employees and
contract employees of the Company and its subsidiary,
Sansan Global Pte. Ltd.

(3) Calculated for regular employees,
contract employees and part-timers of the Company.