Recruitment, Development and
Success of Human Resources

Basic Concept

Talent is an essential management resource for achieving sustainable business growth and creating new value. Our ability to achieve high growth while creating new markets owes to the successes of our talented human resources. Through this approach, we have identified “promote recruitment, development, and success of human resources” as key material issues. We therefore promote efforts to give opportunities and environments that enable our diverse workforce to enjoy success and produce innovations that resolve business challenges.

Major Initiatives

Recruitment of richly diverse, outstanding talent

Continuous strengthening of recruitment is an essential element of our growth strategy. Our various organizations, including development, sales, and back office, comprise talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. We emphasize hiring employees with strong expertise and skills, and who have a mission-driven attitude that matches our corporate philosophy. This emphasis stems from our belief that people whose ideals match our corporate philosophy, such as our mission, vision, and values, are more likely to be successful after joining. This mission-driven corporate culture has been an effective tool for recruiting, enabling us to hire a range of highly capable individuals. Therefore, we are reinforcing recruitment through referrals, aiming to achieve a 35% proportion of those recruitment in the fiscal year ending May 2030.

Number of Employees

Promotion of Training and Activities of Human Resources

We are working to put in place a variety of systems and create environments that will allow not only outstanding talent to play active roles but also their excellent knowledge to be assimilated by organizations, leading to further growth in peripheral business.

“Katachi” Discussions

We regularly provide opportunities for all employees to discuss our corporate philosophy. Addressing our values and culture altogether is crucial for employee development and productivity improvement.

Unipos (peer bonus)

We strive to instill the company culture and improve employee engagement through visualization of internal appreciation cases by utilizing a platform involving all employees centered on the peer bonus system. We are aiming for an 80% posting rate on Unipos for the fiscal year ending May 2030.

Engagement Survey

Once a month, we conduct engagement surveys for regular employees and contract employees. The results from analyses of the responses are used for self-management, organizational management, and the planning of company-wide internal systems and measures.

Mission Grade System

Factors such as business authority, responsibility, and treatment are determined by grade. By designing the grade to be determined not only by actual performance but also by future expectations, we are leveraging the growth of each and every individual.

Colleague Evaluation System

In the personnel evaluation process, we have adopted a 360-degree evaluation system in which one employee is evaluated by colleagues who hold a variety of posts. By comprehensively incorporating evaluations from people other than direct superiors, we have realized a fairer evaluation process.

Many Projects

Toward the resolution of problems that will contribute to business growth, we have established a system that allows the creation of cross-departmental projects due to employee proposals.


For the purpose of supporting new work experience and challenges, we have put in place an in-house recruitment system that facilitates interdepartmental transfers.

Know Me

We have set up a system to subsidize food and drink expenses when three employees who work in different departments have a meal together. The program contributes to stimulating internal exchanges and improving the quality of each employee’s work.


With the aim of discovering issues for growth based on individual potential and possibilities, and encouraging action, we implemented a system that allows employees with specialized business coaching qualifications to provide one-on-one coaching.

Geek Seek

Aiming to improve our services, we established a system to subsidize the purchase of publications, tools, and event participation expenses for our engineers, researchers, and designers to acquire knowledge and improve their work efficiency.


This system subsidizes costs associated with language learning, such as lessons with instructors and the purchase of reference books. In this way, we support employees who need to learn English or Japanese. This is an important initiative as we develop our overseas business and hire more foreign employees.

Support for Kamiyama Marugoto College of Design, Technology, and Entrepreneurship

In supporting Kamiyama Marugoto College of Design, Technology, and Entrepreneurship, we are fostering the development of entrepreneurs who will change the world. The college provides instruction in cutting-edge technologies such as IT and software, design subjects focused on shaping ideas through UI/UX, and a curriculum that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit for creating social change. Kamiyama Marugoto will nurture those who can accomplish great things by creating great things , and who can transform societies worldwide.

We have identified “promote recruitment, development, and success of human resources” as key material issues, and our support for the college should contribute to producing more IT-related human resources in Japan. We have also established a department within our company dedicated to supporting the college and we will share the marketing, design, PR, and other expertise we have cultivated through our business. We hope that by doing so we can create a world where the people who will shape the future can use our services as business infrastructure and produce innovation.