Comparison Table

Referring to Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards for the IT & software industry, the Sansan Group makes the following sustainability-related disclosures.

Accounting Metric Code Reference/
Environmental Footprint of Hardware Infrastructure
Accounting Metric
  1. (1) Total energy consumed,
  2. (2) percentage grid electricity,
  3. (3) percentage renewable
Code TC-SI-130a.1
Accounting Metric
  1. (1) Total water withdrawn,
  2. (2) total water consumed, percentage of each in regions with High or Extremely High Baseline Water Stress
Code TC-SI-130a.2
Accounting Metric Discussion of the integration of environmental considerations into strategic planning for data center needs
Code TC-SI-130a.3
Data Privacy & Freedom of Expression
Accounting Metric Description of policies and practices relating to behavioral advertising and user privacy
Code TC-SI-220a.1
Accounting Metric Number of users whose information is used for secondary purposes
Code TC-SI-220a.2
Accounting Metric Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with user privacy
Code TC-SI-220a.3
Accounting Metric
  1. (1) Number of law enforcement requests for user information,
  2. (2) number of users whose information was requested,
  3. (3) percentage resulting in disclosure
Code TC-SI-220a.4
Accounting Metric List of countries where core products or services are subject to government required monitoring, blocking, content filtering, or censoring
Code TC-SI-220a.5
Data Security
Accounting Metric
  1. (1) Number of data breaches,
  2. (2) Percentage involving personally identifiable information (PII),
  3. (3) number of users affected
Code TC-SI-230a.1
Accounting Metric Description of approach to identifying and addressing data security risks, including use of third-party cybersecurity standards
Code TC-SI-230a.2
Recruiting & Managing a Global, Diverse & Skilled Workforce
Accounting Metric

Percentage of employees that are

  1. (1) foreign nationals and
  2. (2) located offshore
Code TC-SI-330a.1
Accounting Metric
  1. Employee engagement as a percentage
Code TC-SI-330a.2
Accounting Metric

Percentage of gender and racial/ethnic group representation for

  1. (1) management,
  2. (2) technical staff, and
  3. (3) all other employees
Code TC-SI-330a.3
Intellectual Property Protection & Competitive Behavior
Accounting Metric Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with anti-competitive behavior regulations
Code TC-SI-520a.1
Managing Systemic Risks from Technology Disruptions
Accounting Metric

Number of

  1. (1) performance issues and
  2. (2) service disruptions;
  3. (3) total customer downtime
Code TC-SI-550a.1
Accounting Metric Description of business continuity risks related to disruptions of operation
Code TC-SI-550a.2
Accounting Metric Code Reference/
Accounting Metric
  1. (1) Number of licenses or subscriptions,
  2. (2) percentage cloud-based
Code TC-SI-000.A
Accounting Metric
  1. (1) Data processing capacity,
  2. (2) percentage outsourced
Code TC-SI-000.B
Accounting Metric
  1. (1) Amount of data storage,
  2. (2) percentage outsourced
Code TC-SI-000.C